Japanese Gymnastics

Japan’s Vault Problem

Very interesting observation, about Japan’s current lack of good vaulters. Koko Tsurumi even said today to International Gymnast magazine that she now knows that she can’t medal in the all-around with only a full twisting vault, that she has to do the double to be competitive.

The top six seniors in Japan right now (Tsurumi, Uemura, Shintake, Oshima, Minobe, and Tanaka) all have a 1-1/2 twisting Yurchenko or lower. However, six gymnasts currently have a double twisting Yurchenko or more. The most famous of these gymnasts is both Momoko Ozawa, who was a 2007 World Championship team member and Natsumi Sasada, famous for her layout Garrison mount.

Why is it that all these lower level gymnasts have higher vault scores than the top six? Risa Konishi (who, if I remember correctly is a senior, I know she competed at the Hong Kong International at the very beginning of this year) got only a 9.850 on bars but was able to break 15 on vault.

I’m just happy to know that Japan has both Sasada and Yoshino Taniguchi who will turn senior in 2011 and their skill level now both who have great double twisting Yurchenkos as well as decent abilities on the other events. Hopefully they’ll be great by the Tokyo Worlds.


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I worry about Tsurumi’s ability to perfect her DTY by Worlds because her FTY always seems a little lacking in height and distance.

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