Japanese Gymnastics

Japan’s WAG Team Get Bronze

Olympic order (the order of the scores) is vault, bars, beam, and then floor.  Last it of course the total.  Bolded scores is the highest out of all four teams.

1. CHN – 43.350 44.200 42.300 41.350 171.200
2. RUS – 43.800 44.800 41.950 40.550 171.100
3. JPN – 39.250 43.600 42.400 41.250 166.500
4. AUS – 41.050 39.750  39.400 39.650 159.850

Japan’s scores were on track with both Russia and China, except for a lousy vault rotation that produced 12.650, 12.900, and 13.700.  This is where the new juniors will come in handy, like Sasada who has a DTY.

He Kexin scored a massive 16.250 on bars, with a bar routine valued out of 7.2.  Rumours of her routine are this;
Jump to High Bar.  Kip Cast Hand Stand (KCHS), Ono, Jaeger 1/2, Jaeger
KCHS, Giant 1/2, Healy, Layout Jaeger, Pak, Stalder 1/2, Stalder to High Bar
KCHS, Giant 1-1/2, Ono-1/2, Full-In Tuck Dismount.

Lauren Mitchell scored the highest on floor, a 14.500.  Zhang Jing had the highest vault with a 14.950, and Xiao Sha had the highest beam score at a 15.550.

To see all the individual scores, go here


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